The strength of Asian Invest in offering unparalleled market access around the world is rooted in its affiliations with some of the most successful and visible international brokerages and financial firms.

Eagle Equities

Eagle Equities is a Filipino-owned stock brokerage duly organized and existing under the Philippine laws. With over twenty years in the business since 1996, Eagle Equities has been a great partner towards client’s financial goals.The firm is a member of the the Philippine Stock Exchange, in good standing and registered as Broker/Dealer in Securities and Exchange Commission.

MFT Group
of Companies Inc.

MFT Group of Companies is a diversified financial holdings company adhering to the principles of restructuring corporate blueprints and helping businesses grow to establish sustainable financial footing. Currently, the company has 20 subsidiaries from diverse industries including petroleum, pharmaceutical, technology, manufacturing, retail, food, and finance and investment with presence in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, United States and Europe.

Looking ahead, Asian Invest is poised to serve wealth opportunities leveraging on Asia being the main growth engine of the global market for the next century.

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